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Post-Whitening Bliss: What to munch and what to dodge!

You've just treated your smile to a teeth whitening session, and your smile is on point. But how do you keep that radiance intact and fend off potential stains? Fear not, we've got your post-whitening game plan ready to roll!

1. Hydration is Key: The whitening gel is a superhero for your teeth, diving deep and kicking out stains. But it can leave your teeth a bit thirsty. Cue the re-mineralizing gel! This superhero sequel restores hydration and seals the deal by closing up those pores. Patience, though – it takes 24 hours to work its magic.

2. Guard Your Glow: Your teeth are in the vulnerability zone for the next 24 hours, so tread lightly on the staining front. Here's a quick guide to swaps that keep your smile shining:

🍷 Opt for a crisp Chardonnay over that tempting red wine.

🍝 Trade the red pasta sauce for a creamy Alfredo or a white sauce.

💄 Give your lipstick a day off – swap the colored lipstick for vaseline!

🍫 Skip the dark chocolate; indulge in the sweetness of white chocolate.

☕ Temporarily switch out your morning espresso for a latte!

3. Sip Smartly: Some people feel sensitivity right after the have their teeth whitened, so be kind to your teeth. Use a straw for hot or cold drinks to minimize any "zingers."

4. Reclaim Your Lifestyle in 24 Hours: After this crucial 24-hour window, you're free to rock your usual routine. Indulge, savor, and flaunt that radiant smile! For optimal upkeep, consider returning for another round of teeth whitening every 3 months. Your grin will thank you! 😁✨

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