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Whitening Myths Debunked

Updated: Jul 12

Let's face it—there are a lot of teeth whitening myths out there. First TikTokers swore that all you needed for a white smile was to swish with coconut oil, then the magic solution was to rinse with a charcoal and lemon juice mixture. Unfortunately, we're here to tell you most of these trends don't work and we don't recommend trying them at-home. So we decided to unravel some more common myths surrounding teeth whitening and set the record straight!

Myth 1: Whitening Toothpaste Offer Long-Term Whitening Effects

Whitening toothpastes have become very popular and come in all sorts of fun flavors. Although these toothpastes give you a temporary brightening boost, no whitening toothpaste can offer significant long-term whitening results as 1) the concentration of the whitening agent in these toothpastes is very low and 2) the duration that these toothpastes are applied to your teeth is too brief to have a significant impact. Therefore, whitening toothpastes are definitely great to use as a complimentary product but won't be enough to achieve a significant impact . To truly brighten your smile, we recommend going with professional teeth whitening treatments.

Myth 2: Natural Whitening Remedies Are Completely Safe

A quick google search will generate tons of DIY whitening options to whiten your teeth. Although you might be tempted to try out these natural solutions, we recommend exercising caution as many of them can actually be harmful for your teeth and leave them feeling extremely sensitive. Common DIY whitening options such as lemon juice, baking soda or coconut oil can harm your enamel if they are used in unregulated doses as they contain highly acidic compounds.

Myth 3: Teeth Whitening Damages Your Enamel

One of the most common questions we get about teeth whitening is "will this procedure hurt my enamel?". The short answer is no, it will not hurt your enamel, however you do need to make sure you are getting your teeth whitened at a professional studio with licensed teeth whitening practitioners. 

Myth 4: Once You Whiten, You're Set for Life

Whitening your teeth is similar to getting a facial, or going to get a wax or a haircut- it is not a "one and done" procedure but requires ongoing care.  The reason for that is that when you consume staining foods and drinks (i.e. coffee, chocolate, tomato sauce, red beets, matcha, etc.) your teeth will become darker. Therefore, in order to maintain your pearly whites we recommend brushing, flossing, and visiting Beambar every 3 months.

Quick Whitening Tips for a Radiant Smile:

  • Avoid stain-causing foods and beverages like coffee and red wine.

  • Use a straw when drinking beverages that can stain your teeth.

  • Rinse your mouth after consuming foods known to cause stains.

  • Maintain good oral hygiene habits by brushing and flossing daily.

  • Visit Beambar every 3 months or whenever you start to see staining on your teeth.

Have any more questions you would like our team of whitening experts to answer? Feel free to reach out on

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